Why I Wrote This

Falling Down was initially started as a therapeutic journal that naturally took the shape of a book. The purpose of the book has always been to help families gain perspective on their situation and better understand how each other feels. In his career as a teacher, Daniel Kelly has seen students go through situations similar to his and many were worse off. Through sharing his story he realized the power of knowing that others have not only survived those situations, but thrived. The need to publish his story became clear.

After the decision to publish, the question became what to do with the proceeds of the sale. Daniel Kelly quickly decided to help fund organizations that helped children and families in crisis. These organizations have demonstrated true caring for children and a passion to see those children and their families be successful.

Daniel Kelly founded The PUSH Initiative to distribute  funds to properly vetted groups that have a focus on at-risk youth and use the majority of donated funds to help them directly.